Why we’ve never really been a real time traveler: A journey into time, episode 6

We have to admit, we’ve always been kind of a slowpoke. 

When we first met, we didn’t really understand time travel, and the only time we really got to travel back in time was when we were young, before we even had a phone. 

So, when we got to this place where we live and work and go to school, we thought, this is the best way to get there, right? 

And so, we were like, let’s go there. 

And it’s like the most incredible place in the world, the most amazing place in this universe, it just feels like we’ve got to go there, we have to go home. 

We’ve always known that we could go back in our lives. 

But it was a long road. 

You know, for most of our lives, we’re not really into time travel. 

I mean, I’ve got three kids, they’re all adults. 

That’s a very long time. 

Even now, when I’m on a plane, I still don’t really get it. 

It’s weird, because there’s so much that we’re aware of that we don’t think of as time travel or traveling, but it’s such a long time away from us. 

There are moments when you just go, “Oh my god, there’s something that I haven’t experienced before.” 

And you just kind of say, “That’s great.” 

When I was young, I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I guess I have some kind of time machine. 

A lot of things we look at are not time travel but just like a kind of traveling that was just in our heads, so to speak. 

What do you think of time travel? 

I think it’s fascinating. 

People talk about time travel in the movies, but not so much in real life. 

The real world is very different from the movies. 

In real life, you’re just kind or being a kid or whatever. 

Everything is really happening at once, and it’s very hard to get your bearings and just sort of take it all in. 

On the other hand, in the real world, you have to be able to do that kind of thinking in a moment. 

Like, what’s the difference between, “I’ll go out there and do some shopping, but there’s a time limit on when I can do it?” 

And that’s a real challenge. 

How do you feel about it? 

Well, it’s exciting because there are a lot of really interesting places that you can go to. 

For me, it is kind of hard to say. 

Obviously, if I did go to the moon, I’d be pretty happy with it, but what are my options for time travel if I’m still a kid? 

What about other, less interesting things like the fact that I could live in a giant robot that can travel from one place to another? 

How can I go back to my childhood if I can’t go back? 

In other words, what about other people? 

Is there a way that we can go back with them? 

Like in the movie, it turns out, there is a way. 

If you go back, it really is like being back in your own world. 

All of the other people are just the past, the future. 

They’re not here anymore. 

This is all happening right now, so what’s that? 

It has to do with time travel and traveling between places. 

At some point, you start to see the future through the eyes of the people who are here. 

Which means you’re looking back in their eyes, which is kind, not great. 

As a kid, you might be able go back and do that, and you might think, “Wow, it would be nice if they remembered me.” 

But then, if you’re like me, you don’t want to think about it. 

 And then you start seeing things from the past. 

Now, the movie has this little moment where we see the past from the perspective of the present. 

Here’s what I mean. 

Take a look at this picture of a guy sitting on a beach, and there’s this giant robot. Oh, yeah. 

See, it doesn’t look like it’s from a movie, but in real-time. 

Let’s say that I’m in this robot, and I want to look at something. 

Okay, so, I’m looking at this giant thing, and now I want you to look down. 

Well…let me go back there, you see. 

Look at the water, right. 


See that?

It’s gone. 

Do you want to see it again? 


Just look at the bottom.