Why we need the pebbles project

More than 70% of the land in Italy’s southern Alps is now covered by pebbled hills.

But the pebbly terrain is also the cause of some serious environmental damage, including the creation of an illegal quarry that is destroying the fragile ecosystem of the region.

Pebbles are often called the ‘magic rocks’ because they are so hard they can withstand the impact of an avalanche.

But when the rocks are piled high, they can be even more fragile, and often break under their own weight.

As a result, the land is dotted with massive, unauthorised quarries, some of which are illegally built.

But this has not stopped the quarry owners from continuing to extract minerals, despite being found guilty of breaking the law.

In addition to destroying the delicate ecosystems, the illegal quarry is also an environmental disaster, according to the Italian government.

Peabbles have a key role in the climate system, helping to stabilize the climate.

They help the plants to grow and provide oxygen to the water and land.

As part of the climate change strategy, the government has set a target of 30% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.

But it also recognises the need for the project to be monitored closely, and the pebs should be removed from the mountain as soon as possible.

According to the Environment Ministry, the pebers are also responsible for destroying the landscape of the Italian Alps, by destroying the natural ecosystems and destroying the forest, a task which is still ongoing.

Pebs are used as building materials, and have been used to construct roads, bridges and other infrastructure in Italy.

The Government has set aside 1,000,000 euros ($1,060,000) for the work.