Why Trump’s pardon may be too little, too late

President Donald Trump’s decision to pardon former Arizona Gov.

Jan Brewer for her part in the 2009 death of a 10-year-old girl has sparked widespread outrage.

| AP Photo Brewer pardoned, but now says she’ll wait to be sentenced to prison for child endangerment article Arizona Gov, Jan Brewer, is expected to receive a one-year sentence after pleading guilty to misdemeanor child endangerance charges.

She will be sentenced on Oct. 28.

Brewer is the first Republican governor in Arizona’s history to be convicted of child endangerness.

In February, Brewer was sentenced to six months in prison for leaving her three-year old daughter in the car for two hours without her parents’ permission.

But the sentence she got Friday is more than enough time to serve.

Trump pardoned Brewer after she was arrested in October for allegedly leaving her daughter in a car for more than an hour without her mother’s permission.

| REUTERS Brewer was one of the most high-profile figures in the state when she was elected in November and took office two years ago.

She was reelected in a landslide and was sworn in in January.

She became the first governor in the U.S. to be pardoned by President Donald J. Trump on Friday.

Brewer was a rising star in the Republican Party when she ran for re-election in 2014.

In 2016, she was one to endorse Trump’s presidential bid.

She also was one among several Republican governors to support Trump during the campaign.

In March, she received the GOP’s presidential nomination and went on to defeat Democratic opponent Kelli Ward.

A tweet from the president read: “Jan Brewer is a wonderful woman and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to meet with her.

She is a person of tremendous character and integrity.

She has demonstrated that she has shown great strength and determination in a very challenging time for our country.”

The Arizona Republic reported that Brewer is being held on $10 million bond and faces a possible prison sentence of six months for leaving a child in the back of a car without her mom’s permission and $5,000 for leaving the child in a public place for more then an hour.

Trump has already pardoned convicted felons, including convicted murderers and rapists.

Brewer, who has also been a Republican presidential candidate, was the only woman to be elected governor of Arizona in the 1990s and has a large following among Hispanics.

This story was updated to correct the number of times the president pardoned governors.