Why is Google’s Bing still the top search engine?

Microsoft is reportedly considering revamping Bing to compete with Google.

The Wall St. Journal reported Tuesday that Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has suggested revamping the search engine in order to compete more effectively with Google, which has more than doubled its market share in the past three years.

Microsoft has also been aggressively pursuing acquisitions in recent years, acquiring companies like AOL, Twitter and Facebook.

Google has a lot of people working on its search engine, including former Google executives John Mueller and Mike Maki.

The Journal also reported that Google has begun a “trending to a new focus on AI, artificial intelligence and machine learning.”

This is a major shift from Microsoft’s past practices.

Microsoft is one of the biggest users of the Bing search engine and was rumored to be looking at a $100 million buyout of the company in 2017.

The company reportedly also plans to buy a stake in Amazon, which Microsoft acquired in 2013.