Which is the fastest pebbles golf course?

Golf course developer Peabble Brook Golf Resort is building a golf course on a hillside on a nearby pebbled beach in Massachusetts, according to local media reports.

Peabble is a subsidiary of Brookfield Properties, the world’s largest private investment firm.

It announced the project last month and is expected to be complete by the end of the year, the Globe reported.

Peabbles is expected for a $1.9 billion project on the Peabbled Brook Golf Course in Southfield, a town of around 9,000 residents in Massachusetts.

The Peabled Brook golf course sits on a large pebbling beach.

The company says it will be able to increase its profits by selling the land to other developers.

The Peable Brook Golf Club is expected take up to four years to complete, and is being developed as part of a plan to develop the land into residential, retail and office space.

The site is located at the northwest corner of Peables private property and the Peabbles Peabbler Creek Ski Area.