When a golfers golf club collapses, it leaves a huge hole in the ground, but not for long

A golfer’s golf club has collapsed and left a huge gap in the earth, but it has given him time to find out how to fix it before it becomes an issue.

Video footage of a golf club on its side being removed from the ground at a golf course in the UK’s Sussex region has gone viral and shows a hole being opened up in the centre of the ground as the player attempts to remove the club.

It is unclear what caused the club to collapse, but local golf club boss Andy Millington told The Local that it is a standard procedure to remove golf clubs that have fallen on their side, especially on parcours.

“They’re very important parts of the course, and the way we work, it’s a big hole,” he said.

“It’s a really difficult one to get a straight line through, and it’s got to be removed with a little bit of work.”

Andy Millingtons son, James, who works as a mechanic, took the hole-in-the-ground incident on video and posted it to Facebook.

He told The Sunday Times that the club was removed because of an accident, but the hole had been opened up on purpose.

“The hole was opened up by accident.

A man was driving along on his way to work and hit a golf ball, so the club went flying and came up into the ground,” he told The Daily Telegraph.”

He then got out of his car and saw the hole in front of him and came down there.”

The hole-up incident occurred on a course in Southport, Sussex, about 60 kilometres (40 miles) from the town of Stirling.

It happened at the golf course on Saturday (local time) as golfers were practising for the final round of the Pyeongchang International Golf Championship.

The club was on the ground when the accident happened, but Andy said the hole was still open.

“We have a hole-down procedure every single year,” he explained.

“If we’ve got a hole open, it goes into a hole up and that’s what we’ve done this year.”

So that’s one of the main reasons why we do it, it just means we can keep our courses as safe as possible.

“He said that if a golf player needed help getting the club back into place, it would be put on hold for two hours.”

But if someone needs to get their golf club fixed it’s just put on an extra hold and then you have to wait,” he added.”

That’s why we put it on hold, and we have a lot of people doing that, it gives them some time to come up and see what’s going on.

“Andy said he was also concerned about the safety of the local area.”

You can see from the footage that it’s not good to have the hole open,” he commented.”

I’m worried about how the club is going to get into the area, but I also think that’s why it’s been done so regularly.

“Watch the video below to see a man remove a golf hole-on-a-hole.