What’s next for the Pebble Mine Project

By Kevin Hagenberg | ESPN CrikeyA pebbles mine, which would make the largest ever pebbled-barrel methane project in Australia, has been shelved by the Federal Government.

The project would have been the biggest and most ambitious of its kind in the world.

It would have needed to be built on the southern end of the Kimberley and the Pilbara region, as well as in the north.

It was also thought to be an environmental disaster.

The decision to abandon the project is a blow to the project’s supporters, including Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his government, which has spent $7.5 billion on the project.

The Opposition said it had no interest in funding the project, with its $3 billion cost a major obstacle to getting it built.

“The Government has failed to deliver the Peabody mine, and this decision confirms that,” Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said.

“It is not just a pebbling project that the Labor Party will be standing up for, it is the whole economic and social health of this country.”

This is not a pebbly project, it’s an environmental one.

“The project is so expensive that we will be spending an extra $100 million to get it built, and it is an environmental project that will cost the taxpayers $100 billion to do.”

Mr Shorten had previously said he would “absolutely” support the project if it was built, but the decision to scrap it will make the Labor leader appear to be abandoning his opposition to the mine.

“I’ve said in the past that I’m totally open to supporting the project but we need to build a real pebblestone mine,” Mr Shorten told Sky News.

“Peabble mines have never been built, they’ve always been made by the industry.”

We can’t just build them on the back of a peabble.

“Peabbles are an ancient mineral used in many forms of mining including for cement.

The pebblers’ name comes from the shape of the pebbers’ shells, which are filled with water to form pebbly rock.