WATCH: The latest news, weather, and forecasts for Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and more

The new weather system is expected to be over for the week on Monday, and it could bring more heavy rains to areas across the Mississippi River and into the Deep South.

The rain is expected for the Gulf Coast and South, as well as for the Mississippi Valley, the Deep East, and parts of the Southeast, according to AccuWeather.

It is also expected to bring more damaging winds to parts of Georgia, South Carolina, and other parts of South America.

While the storm may be coming, it won’t be as destructive as the one that brought a foot of rain in New York and New Jersey in December. 

The National Weather Service says there is still no significant threat to the U.S. from Tropical Storm Isaac, which passed the eastern Gulf Coast in mid-February.

However, the storm has created a huge swath of flooding and damaged thousands of homes and businesses in New Orleans.

The storm caused major flooding in the southern part of the state, causing millions of dollars worth of damage, and some people were forced to evacuate.

In the wake of that flooding, President Donald Trump ordered the National Guard to help with the reconstruction of New Orleans, the city which has been ravaged by the storm.