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Trump Says He Will Not Stop the Pebble Mine in Hawaii

Donald Trump has vowed to protect the Peabble Mine, an oil-rich coal-rich area off the coast of Hawaii, as he continues to push for the $3.8 billion project.“We’re not stopping it, we’re going to protect it,” Trump told reporters in a phone call Sunday.“We have the people that are going

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Canada’s new snowpack will keep falling for years to come

The first month of the new year will bring the second-lowest snowpack in more than a decade.But the fall will also be the driest since the winter of 2012-13, with just one inch of snowfall.The average annual temperature in December has been around 15 C in the province.“The first thing

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How to spot a fake pebbles beach

This is the last time I’ll be writing this article. For some reason, this article just doesn’t get old.I’ve been going on about pebblers for years and years, and it just seems like everyone is so obsessed with pebbling.I think that’s a little sad.So I’ve gone back to basics, and here

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