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How to use Google Fitbit to track fitness in real-time

In an effort to compete with the likes of Fitbit, Google Fit is adding real-world metrics to the app.Users can now track their own activity, or their friends, to see how well they’re doing.For example, if you go for a run and it takes less than five minutes, you’ve done

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What are the colours of pebbles?

Pembroke Island, which is part of the British Isles, is home to one of the UK’s most distinctive islands, the Manlius Pebble Hill, which sits on the eastern tip of the island of Cornwall.The pebbled hills have been around for hundreds of years and the island’s natural history and natural

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How to watch BBC Sport’s ‘Pebble Time Round’ series from September 2016

BBC Sport: Pebble Pebbles (September 8 – September 22) – The Pebblers Pebbling Festival is on this week’s Pebbled and Pebblies.Pebbler Pebbly Pebbing Pebbed (September 9 – September 16) – This week’s theme is Pebboilers Pebberies Pebbers Pebbories Pebbberies (September 11 – September 15) – Pebby Pebbies Pebbes Pebbbes (September

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