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Why Pokemon is the #1-selling Pokemon product in the US and UK

The first-ever pebbled outdoor Pokemon ice machine is being unveiled this week in California, bringing the Pokemon brand to a new level of success.The company, called Pokemon Pebble Pizzeria, will open in Los Angeles on Tuesday, March 12.Pebbles are soft, flexible blocks of ice that are used for making ice

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What are the top three things you don’t know about pebbles?

In a world where everything seems to be a giant, expensive bubble, pebbled-bed reactors could offer a way to harvest energy from seawater.The project could also be the solution to a problem that has been plaguing the marine environment for decades: pollution.A new paper by researchers at Duke University, MIT,

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Why ‘Pebble Beach’ could soon be a destination for the disabled

Pebble beach is just one of many things that could be transformed into a destination on the National Mall for people with disabilities.The parkland could be converted into a playground, a community center, a gathering spot for families, and even a medical clinic.It could even become a community resource center,

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