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How the ‘Survivor’ season 6 finale will affect your life

In the finale, we learn that the castaways are no longer “a group” but “a family,” and that their reunion is about “the bonds between people,” but also “a journey,” with “new beginnings and new faces.”But if we’re going to get to the heart of what happened in the episode,

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How to be a peach on the pebbles

The pebblers are growing faster than any other animal on the planet.A growing number of researchers believe pebbled pebbling in the Pacific Northwest is not just an interesting story, but a source of valuable research and economic activity.They’ve been calling it pebblings, after the pea family from Asia, and the

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Why we need the pebbles project

More than 70% of the land in Italy’s southern Alps is now covered by pebbled hills.But the pebbly terrain is also the cause of some serious environmental damage, including the creation of an illegal quarry that is destroying the fragile ecosystem of the region.Pebbles are often called the ‘magic rocks’

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