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Why the world is building a Pebble Hill uranium mine

An ambitious uranium mine in the Pebble Hills in Alaska could supply uranium to a future nuclear power plant for years, a US energy official told the Associated Press on Monday.The United States Energy Information Administration said in a statement that Pebble Hill Energy Inc. plans to begin production of

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What are the top three things you don’t know about pebbles?

In a world where everything seems to be a giant, expensive bubble, pebbled-bed reactors could offer a way to harvest energy from seawater.The project could also be the solution to a problem that has been plaguing the marine environment for decades: pollution.A new paper by researchers at Duke University, MIT,

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How to save a pebbled creek from a pea-brick nuclear power plant

Pebble Creek Golf Course is on its way to being demolished by a nuclear power facility.The pebbles will be thrown into the lake to create a peat berm.A pebbling pond, a peacock pond and a pecan tree are all part of a planned Pebbles Creek Power Project, set to begin

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