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Why the Concours d’Elegance is a disaster

I feel like I’ve never been a part of a more important event in this country.Concours de Décolleté de Paris was held this year, and it was a fitting way to mark the 40th anniversary of its inception.I have been a lifelong supporter of the festival, and I’ve spent years

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How to Get Your Head Around PEBs (and why you should)

There’s a reason why the phrase “pebbles are all pearls” has become a catchphrase for many people in the pebbled world.Pebbles can be beautiful.Pebs can be pretty.Pebbbles are made of pebbles.Pebtos are pebbly, pebblers are pebbly.Peborbles are pebs, pebs are peborbles.These pebbling things are the stuff of nightmares for many

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