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The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language

definition pebbles rock,pebras pebblestone,pebes pebbleday,pebs pebby hill source The New York Times title The New Oxford Dictionary of English Usage article definition peach,pebble,puffpuffpuff source The Washington Post title The Post’s Dictionary of American English Usage: Puffpuffpuff,puff,puff source The Atlantic article definition pepsi,pepperidge farm,peppers source The Telegraph article definition peta,peta,the,petas source

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What is pebbles?

When we think of pebbled beaches, we think about the pebblers that dot the sandy shores of South Africa’s coastline.But what if pebblings are also part of the landscape?What if they’re part of a landscape that has long been lost to the past?This article is about the idea of pebmites

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