How to use a Pebble 2 and Pebble 3 to create your own Pebble-inspired wallpapers

Posted by Ars Technic on March 24, 2019 13:39:08In a world of connected home devices, Pebble has been at the forefront of the way to integrate its hardware into a larger ecosystem.

The Pebble Time 2, for example, has a battery that can power up to two smartwatches, while the Pebble 3 has an impressive battery life of about a month, according to the company.

The company also recently announced the Pebble 4, which boasts a higher resolution display that’s slightly more than twice as tall as the Pebble 2’s, and a faster processor that can handle much higher-quality photos.

Pebble’s products are still in development, but it’s clear that the company is taking advantage of the Pebble ecosystem and using it to build a better, more user-friendly product.