How to Make Your Own Peach and Pear Cupcake Recipe

Peaches and pears, in a pinch.

You know the one.

It’s the only one you need to make for this holiday.

It tastes like peaches, but is also filled with creamy, juicy peaches. 

The recipe is super easy.

You’ll need just four ingredients: a peachy cupcake batter, a peach topping, a peach filling, and some extra peaches to decorate it.

You can find the peachy cups recipe here. 

You’ll also need a little bit of peach jam and a little more peaches for this cake.

This cake will be good to eat, or you can add some extra fruit to it.

The fruit, or fruit juice, can be a combination of peaches and apples.

Or you can go the traditional route and have your own fruit-juice-peach-cake combo.

I like to have some chopped peaches in the cupcake.

It makes a nice little snack or dessert.

It will keep for a couple of weeks, and you can use this recipe for any holiday you have.

Here’s a quick tutorial for making a pea and peach cupcake for your friends. 

(For those of you who are interested, I also have an amazing Peaches & Cream Cake recipe, but it’s just a little different than this one.)