Golfers find a little bit of peace at Pebble Beach resort

LOS ANGELES — Golfers at a golf resort in the Pacific Northwest discovered a little peace after playing golf at the golf course in Pebble Beach.

The resort said it had been closed to the public Monday night due to flooding, but golfers can return to the golf courses on Monday.

The Pebble Beach Golf Club tweeted about the closure.

A golf cart carrying a golf course worker drives through floodwaters at the Pebble Beach Resort.

The Golf Club of the Pacific, in Pacific Palisades, said on Twitter the golf cart carried a golf worker who was “wearing a life jacket.”

The worker was wearing a life-jacket, which is a protective suit that helps keep a golfer warm during an incident like this.

The Golf Association of Southern California tweeted that a golf cart is “going to be delivered to the Pebble beach golf course today” and that the driver will “pick up his gear at the next course.”