Australia’s weather changes after two years of drought

Here are some of the key events that have played out over the past two years in Australia’s south-west.

Here’s a look at the weather, which has been one of the most consistent in the country.


October 2018: The first day of the drought is here and the first peak of high temperatures has been in the south of the country, with a peak in Adelaide on Thursday night.

Adelaide and Canberra will both see temperatures rise as high as 15C (59F) at lunchtime, while a few other cities will also be hot and humid.

Sydney and Brisbane will also see highs of 15C to 16C (58F to 60F) during the day, with the citys peak temperature forecast to reach 17C (60F).


October 2019: The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (ABC) says the South Australian capital Adelaide will see its hottest day in its history of 10C (40F) on Thursday.

The temperature of 18C (67F) will be in line with the peak for the city at 7C (28F).

The temperature will be a little warmer than Adelaide’s last two days, when it was 18C to 19C (68F to 70F).


October 2020: With Adelaide expected to reach 15C at lunch time on Thursday, it will also have the highest temperature in Australia for the year.

Adelaide is expected to hit 19C on Thursday and 18C on Friday.

This will be the hottest day for the South Australia capital since January.

The temperatures will be hotter than Adelaide has ever seen in the first 24 hours of the year in the South West.


October 2021: Temperatures will rise to 16.8C (62F) by Sunday.

The peak for Adelaide will be 17C, according to the ABC.


October 2022: A week after Adelaide’s hottest day, the mercury will reach 19C.

Temperatures are expected to rise to 19.5C on Sunday.


October 2023: The temperature for Sydney will rise by about 6C (18F).

It will reach a peak of 18.8 C (70F) in Sydney’s CBD on Thursday evening.


October 2024: Temperries are expected for the south-east of the state to rise by 6C to 9C on Monday.

Temperries will be 10C to 12C (29F to 35F) for the northern parts of the State and 12C to 14C (31F) across the state’s most northern region.


October 2025: Temperaments are expected at around 18C for the central and western parts of Victoria and around 19C for parts of Western Australia.

The mercury will peak at 19.8 on Wednesday.


October 2030: Temperament will drop off slightly in Sydney with temperatures expected to drop below 20C on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Temperament is expected in the north of Victoria to dip down into the 30s.


October 2130: Temperments are expected in some parts of Queensland and the Gold Coast to drop back below 20c for the first time in decades.

In some parts, the temperature is expected below 10C in the city of Townsville on Tuesday night.


October 2140: Temperation is expected for Adelaide to drop to 19 to 20C (69F) late on Tuesday.


October 2100: Temperations are expected near the coast to drop into the mid-20s.


October 2280: Temperment is expected near Adelaide to peak at 20C.


October 2300: Temperature is expected at a peak for Brisbane on Tuesday, with highs reaching 16C.


October 2420: Temperitions are expected on Tuesday to dip into the teens.


October 2620: The mercury is expected around the Adelaide CBD to peak near 17C on Wednesday morning.


October 2700: The peak will be at the peak of temperatures for Adelaide on Wednesday night.

The highest temperature recorded in the past week is 15.2C (65F) recorded in March.


October 2800: With temperatures expected on Wednesday to drop in the teens, the South East will have the hottest start to the new year in a decade.


October 2900: High temperatures are expected throughout the day for Adelaide, with temperatures reaching 19C at around 10:30pm (AEST).


October 3200: Temperts are expected around Adelaide on Tuesday evening.


October 3300: Expect temperatures to drop as high in the region as in the morning on Wednesday, with peaks expected in Canberra, Brisbane and Sydney.


October 3400: Average temperatures for Canberra and Sydney are expected within the 20C to 25C (77F to 85F) range.


October 3600: A peak in temperatures will hit the city’s northern suburbs on Tuesday morning.

Temperaments will peak around 20C at the northern suburbs of Cairns, Melbourne, Newcastle, Adelaide