Aussie surfers hit with ‘severe injuries’ in pebbles beach hotel incident

On Saturday morning, a group of surfers from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast was waiting for their hotel to open when they heard what sounded like a helicopter.

The group was in the hotel’s pool area, waiting for a swell to pass and then saw a large number of pebbled beaches along the beach, including one that was almost two kilometres long.

They tried to get in but were told to wait until it stopped, they said.

The surfers were treated at a nearby hospital for shock and were released.

A spokesperson for the Queensland Surf Life Saving Society said the beach was being treated for sand dunes.

“There are some sand dune cliffs that have been breached and sand is now on the beach,” she said.

“The sand is coming up from the dunes and we’re hoping to make it to the surfers.”

Some of them had a pretty severe head injury.””

They were trying to make their way to the hotel, but were pushed out by a helicopter.

“Queensland Health spokeswoman Lisa Rennie said the group was taken to Sunshine Hospital for treatment.”

Unfortunately the hotel was a little too close to the sand dens, which caused them to fall down the cliff and into the sand,” she told The Irish Time.”

We don’t know the extent of their injuries and they were treated by the surf lifesaving society at Sunshine Hospital.

“As a precautionary measure we will be contacting all surfers in the area to ensure they have the proper protection and advice.”

The incident happened just after 8:00am local time (1400 GMT).

“We are aware of the incident and we are looking into it,” Ms Renni said.

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