Apple CEO Tim Cook wants to build the world’s largest pebbles mine

Apple CEO and former Google CEO Tim Appleby is calling for a giant diamond-shaped mine to be built in the Gulf of Maine, and he wants to use the money to create jobs and promote economic growth in the region.

Cook told Business Insider that he has been in discussions with state and local officials in the state of Maine over a possible diamond-sized mine project.

He said he was looking for $3 billion for the project.

The company is also looking to develop the area around the Pebble Mine, which is located on the Atlantic Ocean in the northern part of the state.

The mine is located just south of the town of Glarial’s Pebble Beach.

According to the Maine Department of Environmental Management, the Pebble mine is expected to produce approximately 300 million pounds of diamonds a year.

The state has also proposed a $3.6 billion project in the area to develop a massive water and power facility, which could potentially be connected to the Pebble project.

In an interview with ABC News, Appleby said the Pebble-Pebble project would be a great way to promote the local economy.

“The Pebble mine will be the world-class jeweler that it is, and it will be a fantastic place to do business,” he said.

“We’ve got a great opportunity to bring a ton of jobs, and a ton more prosperity, to this area.”

The Pebble Mine was built in 2004 and has produced nearly 200 million pounds (60 million kilograms) of diamonds.

It is estimated that the mine could produce up to 2.3 billion pounds of platinum, the highest production in the world.