A beautiful beach in Kalinganam in Kerala’s southern state of Kerala

Kerala is a tropical paradise, but it’s also a state of the art tourist destination.

It’s not the kind of place where you would find the typical tourist spot like the iconic star pebbles or the colourful pebbled water, but in fact it’s a very picturesque place.

And that’s why, the state’s Tourism Development Corporation (TDCC) has set out to create a beach on the shores of Kalingam, a village in the southern district of Kochi.

The plan is to make the spot a real tourist destination by creating a beach that attracts both locals and visitors.

The project is a joint effort between the Kerala State Tourism Corporation (KSTC), the Kerala Water Department and the Kerala Marine Corporation.

The entire island of Kaleda is about the size of an island and is known as the most picturesque spot in Kerala.

Its beaches are among the most popular in the state and attract a diverse range of tourists from all walks of life.

The Kalinga Beach is a project that will see the construction of a concrete wall and a marina on the island.

It will also be used as a place to celebrate the Kerala state’s cultural history and celebrate the local people.

Kalingas premier beaches are also renowned for its beauty, as it is a popular spot for holiday makers.

The island has been a popular destination for several years.

In fact, Kalingatam was named the most visited island in India by a global travel agency in 2016.

In 2017, Kerala was named a Top 10 Beach State in the World.

Kollam Beach The first stretch of Kollams beach is named the Kollames beach.

The spot is famous for its water, which is a very rare sight.

The sand has been used in many cultures for centuries and its name comes from the Sanskrit word kollam which means sand.

The water is also very popular in other parts of Kerala, with it also being a popular beach destination.

The first section of Kolla’s beach, called Kolla beach, is a stretch of sand on the eastern side of the island, which offers a beautiful view of the surrounding hills and the surrounding coast.

This stretch of beach is known for its large number of islands, including those in the Kalingathur region of Kerala.

It is also famous for the number of marinas and sand bars that dot the sand beach.

A Marina On the western side of Kolls beach, there is a marinas at Kollas beach and on Kollakos island.

The marinas are used to accommodate both sea kayakers and surfers.

The area is also popular for sightseeing and is one of the main places where locals can take pictures of their surroundings.

A marina at Kolla Beach is famous, and locals also like to come and enjoy the beauty of the area.

It has been an attraction for many locals for many years.

It was the first marina built in the area in 1958.

The other marinas on the Kolls island were later built.

A beach The beach is very popular with visitors.

According to locals, Kollamas beach has a number of attractions including the Kondaras’ popular beach, a popular picnic spot, and the beach where the kerala government has a large plantation.

According the KSTC, the Kolla and Kollama beach is one among the many beaches that the state government owns.

It also has a long history of being used as an island for various festivals.

The state government has also built a small marina and the first stretch was built in 1955.

The Marinas on Kolls Beach The second stretch of the Kllamas beach is called Kollanam beach.

It offers a spectacular view of Kerala’s coast and the islands surrounding it.

The stretch is known to attract tourists from different parts of the state.

The beach stretches for about 4 km and has a length of about 8km.

The seawall on the seawall is about 3 meters high.

The distance from the beach to the water is about 1.5km.

It provides a nice view of coastal towns and villages.

It attracts people from all over Kerala.

The view from Kollannam beach The stretch on Kolla is also known to be a popular place for locals to picnic.

It stretches for an hour and a half.

A couple of hours after sunset, it is the only place in the world where you can sit and watch the sun set over the horizon.

It gives a peaceful experience.

A walk on Kllanam Beach is also a popular sight for locals.

The walk along the seawalls is about one kilometre long.

The views along the stretch are spectacular.

There are several marinas that stretch along the beach.

According a KSTP report, the Marinas at the Kann